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"As an actress, I need to look and feel my best at all times. The problem is, I also like food. The Catabolic Diet helps keep me in my best shape and feeling full of energy. Thank you, Catabolic Diet."

- Melissa, 27, Los Angeles, CA.

The Catabolic Diet was created by a medical doctor who received an MD degree from the Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine.

The most amazing results of this diet was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association who detailed the results of a lady whose weight went from 395 pounds to 156 pounds for a loss of 259 pounds in twenty months.

The Catabolic Diet is for hard core dieters who must lose at least fifteen pounds. It is an easy eating program to restart as required for permanent weight control.

One lady (March 1996) wrote that after trying many diets unsuccessfully, she actually lost forty-six pounds on the Catabolic Diet in less than two months. She also indicated, her father didn't recognize her when he passed her on the street.

One lady did so well, she actually mailed us another check (sort of a tip) to show her appreciation. While the check was returned, we certainly appreciated her expression of thanks.

Raymond E. lost 38 pounds and his big beer belly in three months. He still can't believe it.

Mrs. M. B. lost all the lumpy fat from her thighs, normalized her cholesterol and blood pressure by losing twenty pounds in less than a month.

Lawrence B. started the Catabolic Diet at 225 pounds. In six months, his weight dropped 70 pounds and never felt hunger or discomfort.

The Catabolic Diet will give you back your self-esteem. It is the most realistic way to lose weight ever offered. If you really want to do it this time, send for your copy of the Catabolic Diet now...Results are documented.